Police increased patrols at Manchester High School after a bomb threat was made.

They said the threat referenced a bomb at the school on April 20.

It was in the form of graffiti written on the walls of two bathrooms, according to Jim Farrell, director of communications for Manchester Public Schools.

The bags and backpacks of students were checked upon entry to the school throughout the day.

“He just wanted to get in early, he knew they were going to check bags, he wanted to get into school, he didn’t want to have a delay," said Doreen Moore, a parent. "He wanted to make sure he started on time.”

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Parents told Channel 3 that they felt more comfortable dropping off their children on Friday knowing that extra measures were in place.

“Any kind of threat made to any one of our schools we have to take it seriously nowadays, with everything that’s been found [going] on," said Joe Marcelino, a parent.

In addition to patrols, police said they also increased security, but those details haven't been made public.

They provided an update around 6:40 a.m. on Friday. It was streamed on the Channel 3 Facebook page here.

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The threat closely follows a number of other threats made against schools and districts across the state.

Some parents said they opted to keep their children home.

“She was hesitant at first," Marcelino said. “She decided to come to school today, which a lot of her friends aren’t."

Farrell told Channel 3 that the average daily attendance at the high school is close to 95 percent.

Friday, he said it was about 75 percent.

One former students told Channel 3 that he lived through a threat when he was at the school four years ago. He said the best thing to do is to simply stay calm.

“I’m not sure why it happens, I don’t know the motive," said Jeremy Peck, a former student. "There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in other schools across the country.”

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School officials said the safety of all students is their top priority.

Classes went on as normal.

For those who were in school on Friday, Capt. Chris Davis of the Manchester Police Department said they wanted to make sure everyone felt comfortable.

"We will make sure they’re safe and provide a safe learning environment for the students," Davis said.

Police said they did a walkthrough of the building before school started.

“They are in there doing searches [Friday] morning just to make sure, beforehand, there’s nothing unusual out and about," Davis said. "They’re in there already doing that.”

The superintendent said students were patient and cooperative.

"Everyone clearly seemed to understand that these precautionary measures were being taken with the best interests of our school community in mind," said superintendent Matt Geary, Manchester Public Schools.

"Whether they're serious or not, to think to make a threat to a school, it's not good, to put kids in fear," said Treyquan Jiles, a former student.

The investigation into the threat and who was responsible is ongoing.

"There was definitely a lot of tension with the students, everyone was on edge. I think the best thing is to stay calm," Peck said.

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