A section of a side road in Plainville was severely flooded on Monday, but it's certainly not the first time.

The rainwater rose up quickly on Burnside Avenue on Monday as the heavy downpours came down.

Annette Wilson says it's not out of the ordinary.

"My mom lived in that house, the white house, so I grew up here all my life. And we've always had a problem with the water,” Wilson said.

She said the problem has become worse since the town graded and repaved the roadway two years ago.

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“They repaved it but they made it worse when they repaved it because they made a crown in the road so now it just goes faster into my yard instead of hanging past my house a little bit,” Wilson said.

Wilson has talked with the town engineer and town manager.

“They keep giving me excuses about what's happening, and it's the road. The road needs to be raised,” she said, adding that she has a bit of knowledge about roads.

“I've worked for Tilcon Connecticut for 40-years paving roads. So I do know what I’m talking about,” she said.

She believes the road needs to be raised.

“Before it was paved it would stop like right where this driveway where the blue house is, but since then they put the crown in the road it goes down farther,” Wilson said.

Plainville's Town Manager Robert Lee said the problem is it's a flat town. He doesn't believe the repaving has made the problem worse, and said crews reported the drain needs to be unclogged.

He also said the area drains into the Quinnipiac River, but when there’s a lot of water it all can’t go at once.

He also went on to say it would cost tens of millions of dollars for a long-term solution.

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