Primary day is less than a week away and if you want to vote in it, you need to belong to the political party of the candidate of your choice.

We went to the Cumberland Farms tonight and it was easy to find folks who were not registered to vote; it was a little tougher to find someone who wanted to register - and register on camera - but we ended up finding Devon Smith from Wethersfield.

He drove to our rocky hill studios and we signed him in to let us show you how easy registering can be. He logs on to www.myvote.Ct.Gov and the process begins."To register to vote in Connecticut, you must be a united states resident of Connecticut, be at least 17 years old..yup…yup," Smith said.

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The site is easy to navigate. Devon enters his name, address, phone number and license id number and then he picks his party.

"Ok, so I’m going to pick Republican," Smith said.

So that means he’ll be selecting from these five candidates on Tuesday. Registered democrats can only vote on that party’s ticket and they’ll choose between Joe Ganim and Ned Lamont. Registered, unaffiliated voters can’t vote on either ticket, so in order to get involved on Tuesday, they’ll have to go through this same process.

"Definitely a lot easier than i thought it was going to be. It literally took three minutes," Smith said.

Voters can switch parties whenever they like, but because it takes three months for a switch to take effect, it’s too late to try to vote in a different party before next week’s election.

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Devon will be casting his vote on Tuesday and with just a few days to familiarize himself with the candidates, the hard work begins now.

"Talking with friends, family, they sway me into picking republican so that’s where I stand," Smith said.

"Why not do it? Took me three minutes to register, it’s definitely worth voting, everyone has their opinion."

According to the state, there were 275,000 newly registered voters since 2016 and many are in the 18-24 range.

You saw how quick and easy it is to register online; there’s still a little under an hour left and that link can be found on the Channel 3 app.

If you don’t get it done before midnight, you’ll have to register in person, in your town hall and the deadline for that is Monday at noon.

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