Officials in Glastonbury say they have a problem of illegal dumping of garbage in town and it stinks.

On Thursday at the recycling container, there was a foul smell of garbage in addition to legitimate recyclable items.

People are dumping items that may be made of recyclable materials, but they should be brought to the transfer station.

“This is a pretty good example of somebody putting their weekly garbage if you will in a bag, sealing it up and putting it in as if it were recyclable and there probably are some recyclables in here, but for the most part is going to be considered garbage when it gets to the trash and recycling facility,” said Glastonbury Superintendent of Sanitation Mike Bisi.

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He said people are dumping trash in recycling containers and in many cases leaving wood flooring, large cardboard boxes, a desk, a tv, wood and other items right by the recycle containers, when they really must be taken to the town’s transfer station.

For Mary Preisner, it is a pet peeve to see people be lazy.

“Sometimes you come by and they bring in cardboard boxes and they’ll bring in toxic waste and leave it there on the ground, and it’s like how hard is it if you want to be good and do the right thing,” Preisner said.

The town says it is important to know what the recyclable items are. They include paper, cans, bottles, cereal boxes, junk mail, magazines, newspapers, office paper, aluminum foil and pizza boxes that are not soiled.

For Glastonbury resident Lisa Lankton, there is pride in doing the right thing.

“Yeah, I like to do what we’re supposed to do. And it makes me feel good when everything is done the right way,” Lankton said.

The town says when dumpsters filled with a mixture of trash and recyclables have to get turned around and then separated out, it costs money.

The town also said if you are caught there is a $219 fine, so they say take the time and do the right thing.

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