The state's medical non-emergency medical transportation service is still under fire.

Clients are saying even though they're being picked up, the vans are coming late which are making them late to doctors’ visits.

It's been an ongoing issue since the beginning of the year when the company Veyo started.

Bart has been using Veyo since the beginning of the year, when the company took over the state contract.

He said the Valley Transit District, which works with Veyo, picks him up late, causing him to be late to doctors’ appointments.

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“They were 15 minutes late picking me up and I got to the doctor 25 minutes late,” Bart said.

While he said his doctors work with him, others aren't so lucky.

He tried to fix the problem with Veyo on his own.

“I lie to them. If I have an appointment at 10 a.m. I’ll tell them I have an appointment at 9:45 a.m. to get there an extra 15 minutes. It doesn't work either,” Bart said.

He reached out to Channel 3 after seeing past stories, which has grabbed the attention of many Veyo clients, many emailing and calling to ask for help.

“That's the reason I called, it's getting very frustrating. It's like no one cares,” Bart said.

That included Susan Jones, who reached out last month after she says Veyo canceled her ride.

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After Channel 3 looked into the problem, we helped her get to a much-needed doctor's appointment.

Since Bart said Valley Transit is showing up late, Channel 3 asked the company about it.

Valley Transport said they have a service contract with Veyo, saying “schedule trip request based on the times (information) given by Veyo. The Valley Transit District does not have any communication with the Veyo passenger/client at the time of booking/scheduling. We cannot change/adjust trips unless Veyo initiates the change."

They also said, "we provide our passengers with a 1/2-hour promise window based on appointment and return time requests."

Bart said he just wants them to be on time. “They're getting paid. If you can't make it let me know and get someone else.”

In the past, Veyo said their services have improved and they're still working out the kinks.

Channel 3 reached out to them today but has not yet heard back.

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