Students in Guilford will now be able to get a few extra minutes of sleep this upcoming school year.

That's because the board of education accepted the recommendations to delay start times for schools within the district.

For the last few years, Guilford Public Schools has been studying options to delay start times based on community interest, as well as research that shows the physical and mental benefits of students getting more sleep.

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In the fall of 2017, the superintendent of schools invited a task force of parents, students, faculty and administrators, and content area experts to review research, consider alternatives, look at changes made in other school districts, and ultimately, made recommendations to the board of education.

The BOE accepted the recommendations from the school start times task force, here are the changes:

Starting this upcoming school year,

Guilford High School will start 15 minutes later and end 10 minutes later Middle school times slide 10 minutes later Elementary schools will start and end five minutes later

While some people feel the additional time to sleep is a good thing, others worry this will cause a disruption to the day.

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"If they were going to do something major, I’d be for it. But just 10 minutes is very hard for working moms, especially like me,” said parent Therese DeMatteo.

Parents also expressed concerns about busing.

Buses will now be picking up high schoolers 10 minutes later, which impacts pick-up times for middle school and elementary school students, since some buses won't be available until a later time.

“A lot of elementary school parents are upset and concerned because they're now going to have to put their kids in early childcare or having issues on the other end getting them off the bus, some are not going to be able to ride the bus. It's a bit of a mess,” said parent Sarah Celotto.

"Not everybody is going to be happy with this compromise, this plan. To me, that often signifies a good arrangement. Because the advocates on both sides are not completely happy, but what has happened here is the board of education has made a decision to do something,” said Guilford First Selectman Matthew Hoey.

He said he will continue to monitor the situation going forward and see if changes need to be made.

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