A family in Farmington said they spent thousands of dollars and now a contractor is nowhere to be found.

Channel 3 found out they weren’t the only ones who say they're missing what they paid for.

After speaking with the Better Business Bureau, Channel 3 learned that there was one complaint filed against an alleged contractor selling cabinets.

The business has a sign on this warehouse in New Britain. "Cabinets Kwik," but some customers say it's come all but too late.

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Diane Walzok is no stranger to issues with home improvement.

“Unfortunately, I had an issue with a contractor over a year ago who also scammed me out of a thousand dollars with work at my house. Channel 3 was the first channel I called, you guys were able to help me,” said Walzok.

Now she’s speaking on behalf of her family that immigrated from Poland.

“Unfortunately, my aunt and uncle did go to this company called Cabinets Kwik. They wanted to put new cabinets into their kitchen, had everything planned out,” Walczok said.

Chris and Mariola Kosieradzski put down a $3,200 deposit in May to get new cabinetry for their kitchen.

They have the check and invoice to prove it.

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“Since that time, Joe has disappeared and he won't answer any phone calls,” said Walczok.

Joseph Materek is the registered owner of Cabinets Kwik, according to the Better Business Bureau.

“Very disappointed, very just scammed out of money. My aunt and uncle are very hard-working people,” Walczok said.

The Farmington couple went to the business.

“No one can seem to find Joe,” Walczok said.

And then they went to the police.

“There has been a report that has been taken by the police,” said Walczok.

Channel 3 called Materek on Wednesday morning and went to the storefront.

We also went to his home, but there was still no sign of Materek.

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The BBB had tried contacting Materek as well after this complaint from April.

“We actually contact the business that there's a complaint about and on our site for this situation that has happened and they have not responded to the complaint so therefore they currently do have a D+ rating,” said Luke Frey from BBB.

Channel 3 discovered Materek's contractor's license has not been renewed since 2014.

Materek finally answered the phone and gave Channel 3 permission to record the conversation.

“I’m trying to straighten all that out, I was in the hospital I had a pulmonary embolism which caused a heart attack and I’m pretty lucky to be alive,” Materek said.

Materek said he’s already been in touch with five customers

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“I’ve got the best price for good quality cabinets,” said Materek.

He said he will refund those who have already carried out their cabinetry work and finish the others.

When Channel 3 asked him about his expired license he said, “because I don't do installs, these are all sales only."

When we asked the BBB they said that is correct, but whomever he hires must have a license.

While we were on the phone with Materek, he didn’t know police were also involved and said he would call them as well.

“I’m not out to rip anybody off it's just a very bad situation that came about,” said Materek.

Still, the Kosieradzski’s have not heard from Materek and so for now, they are putting their qualms in the cabinet until it’s all figured out.

Consumers can check whether or not a home improvement contractor is registered, by clicking here.

Also, complaints can be filed with the Department of Consumer Protection by emailing dcp.complaints@ct.gov.

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