This summer, security staff with Regional School District 10 will be re-trained and licensed in the event of an active shooter on any of its school campuses.

Superintendent Alan Beitman said the security staff are all seasoned, well-trained, and retired state and local police officers.

“I have a hard time going to sleep knowing that if something happened and we didn’t take a step to protect them,” said Superintendent Beitman.

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Locked doors, a camera system, and quick background checks are layers of security at Region 10 schools, which serves 2,500 students and about 450 people on staff in Burlington and Harwinton.

“We want to make sure our kids are coming here and they’re 100 percent safe,” said Gene Torrence, a school resource officer for Region 10.

After mass shootings like Sandy Hook and the one in Parkland Florida, the superintendent said they don’t want to take chances.

So starting this fall, security guards will carry a gun. The superintendent says the weapon will be concealed.

“A gunman comes in the door, that’s the only purpose the weapon is there. Meet deadly force with deadly force if necessary,” Beitman said.

Right now the district has seven hired security guards.

“We have retired police officers who have done the job for 20 to 25 years and they’ve had a firearm on their side all that time,” Torrence said.

It’s going to cost the district nearly $9,800 to arm them.

On Monday night, the superintendent said the Region 10 Board of Education unanimously approved the steps to enhance safety and security.

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